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Anatomy Sweater

Check out this  vintage sweater on Great White Vintage on Etsy! Some lucky bastard already bought it, but one can still dream, right?! Whoever made this masterpiece needs to pony up and make a bodysuit like this. And add a few rhinestones here and there. Rhinestones make EVERYTHING better. photos: Who Killed …

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Hairy Chest Shirt

  For a mere $61, you, too, can have a sweet, sweet forest on your chest. I’m not a big fan of chest hair. Honestly, I think of washing pots and pans when I see chest hair like that because it reminds me of a brillo pad. And I don’t …

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Sibling London- Fall 2013- Knit Wit

  Check out these chunky knits from Sibling London ! It’s from their men’s collection, but I would totally wear that! Especially those hats that look like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. They all look cozy mozy and ready to brave any storm… including a kitty storm! My cats would love to bat at …

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Scary Stones

Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito takes your average rock and transforms them into everyday and not-so-everyday pieces. The sweater is the most impressive in my opinion. All the weaves had to be carved in- must’ve been super tedious. Anywho, dentures, zippers and rocks… Hirotoshi probably had them laying around and decide to create …

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Bernhard Willhelm- Fall 2012- Sporty Punk

Designer Bernhard Willhelm went all out punk with a dash  of sport. I’m really liking the tiger shorts in the last two looks. Besides that , I think the rest is all a massive mess. The Braveheart face paint is definitely not helping. I do have to say that those unraveling sweaters …

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