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Teeth, Hair and Bones, oh my!

  I couldn’t explain this mess any better than LikeCool.com… so here’s what this is all about: “Darwinian Voodoo, the new pedigree lifestyle brand by artists fantich & young –  Alex Predator is made for the ‘discerning client with the taste for power and exclusivity’, the series of wearable and …

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Toothy Loafers

If you ever wanted a pair of Gary Busey loafers, then you’re in luck!  POP Postproduction has designed a little collection of creepy shoes with teeth popping out to scare the hell out of anyone (but not this guy). It’s a wide variety of teeth and loafers to fit anyone’s personal …

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Toothy Grin

Check out these Denture Bracelet and Hair Comb from ConcaveOblivion based out of LA. These are obviously from the Gary Busey collection.  That is definitely something I would wear to the dentist’s office. I don’t think many people could appreciate this sort of glamour. Maybe people in nursing homes? In any case, this …

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Toothy Shoes

Check out these freaky shoes by frantich and young. I thought those were real teeth, but actually they are just rubber teeth… although they totally could’ve used a bunch of dentures if they wanted and Fixodented that sh*t. Anywho, two things about these shoes that I like, though. A) It has …

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