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Roxanna Bina has lived and breathed fashion since she was a toddler trying on her mother’s high heeled shoes and smearing lipstick on her tiny lips. She isn’t one to follow trends-she sets them. Roxanna will be hitting the runways and catwalks-above and underground-to bring your ass what’s cool and new in the world of style and fashion. She also has an affinity for Persian cats, Earl Grey tea, James Bond, and Be@rbricks. Be sure to checkout her two book apps available on iTunes and Google Play- “Nightmares from the Dollhouse” and “Macabre Fairy Tales” !

Check her out her celebrity interviews at YouTube ,follow the blog on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. And if  you really want to stalk her… check out Roxanna Bina’s personal website. Email her at roxybina (at) yahoo.com.

*Ignore her many references to her Persian cats… she’s just a crazy cat lady! She even has a Facebook page for her cats- Mr. Miggins, Miss Mimi and Mrs. Minky! And Mr. Miggins Emojis available on the  iTunes App Store and on GooglePlayBe sure to order your copy of a pocket-sized book ,“It’s CATURDAY!! Catnip for the Masses” ! 




  1. Beautiful gal. Just wanted to say, I LOVE your blog. Thank you for inspiring me.

  2. i read your blog almost every single day and when i miss a day i read it religiously the very next day.completely obsessed with your blog, you are me in a different body.thanks for being f**king amazing.

  3. just had a heart attack when i saw that you accepted my comment. yelled it out in acting class. 🙂

  4. Michael Johnson

    will you marry me?

  5. AWESOME girl, I love your blog ! fashion, chocolate & Persian cats are just a few of my favorite things too ! thanks for writin’ about cool stuff 🙂 I’ll keep coming back for sure !

    kisses & yum yums,

  6. <333 I adore your blog to death and beyond and think it's gooorgeous and insane and eccentric and all the things I value most in this world.

  7. Hey! just stumbled on your blog, just wanted to say that your take on fashion is really cool, love the uniqueness, can I reach you by email? I have an idea.

  8. Hello!

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  9. I was an inusual blogger. I found everything was said, sawn. I found too much overinformation in the web, but not originality and indipendence. That’s the reason why my ispiration is often the past, decades. This blog is the only one able to catch my attention and ispiring me.

  10. your blog is fantastic , full of new ideas and funny! i just love it ^____^ and i love your persian cat since i share the same nationality with 😀

  11. A friend of mine turned me onto your blog. I was never a
    big fashion fan, but you changed all of that. Some of the things
    you have found have inspired me to step out of my routine
    jeans-and-tshirt world and enter that most beautiful and exciting
    world of wild fashion and fabulous shoes. Thanks!!

  12. Hey, I really like your blog, especially the posts featuring crazy accessories.
    Check out mine &hope to keep in touch somehow:)
    anyway, I’ll put you in my blogroll

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