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An Irish Christmas at The Granada Theater in Santa Barbara!

What an enchanting evening it was seeing “An Irish Christmas” by Kerry Irish Productions at the ornate Granada Theater! Old and new Irish traditions were weaved together on stage in the form of dance, music and storytelling. “Folk theater is the protector,the interpreter, the narrator, the pulse and the heartbeat of these traditions.” said Margaret O’Caroll, creator of the show. The Irish dance put forth by the talented cast was not only mesmerizing, but also charming in the way of how simple dance steps and captivating music can carry you back into another time period and place. The Irish dance and singy-songy traditional music transcended the audience into an idyllic Irish countryside, inside an inviting tavern with warm people having the time of their lives after a hard days work on the farm. Some high notes during the show included “Butter Making” “Dancing on the Half Door” and “The Day of the Wren”. So if you’d like to take a quick trip to the Emerald Isle, go see “An Irish Christmas”! … and don’t forget your dancing shoes and ‘half door’ !

Special thanks to Mo McFadden!

photos: Booboo

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