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Banksy’s ‘The Walled-Off Hotel’

Mysterious artist Banksy has opened a brilliant new hotel called “The Walled-Off Hotel” (like, The Waldorf Hotel) in a Bethlehem, just steps away from the controversial wall that separates Palestine from Israel. The hotel marks the 100th anniversary of British control over Palestine, consequently also the beginning of conflict in turmoil in the region. Prices are very reasonable and offer kitschy decor accompanied by the reminder of war through Banksy’s own priceless works. If you do visit, make sure to visit “Wall-mart” to pick up graffiti supplies to make your own mark on the vexed wall. This is one destination I would love to visit just to see the hotel. Here are some photos for all of us who won’t be making into that part of the world within the next year. Enjoy!

photos: Juxtapoz

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