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Bones, Teeth and an Ax, oh my!

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What do teeth, bones, feet and skulls have in common? The crazy ass, serial killer art shown above by Canadian artist Maskull Lasserre . Is it the cold weather and snow in Canada that brings out the Jack Torrance in some people? We may never know. Anywho, the frame with teeth corners strikes a cord with me because it reminds me of when I was a kid and I used to chew on the door near the window of my dad’s fugly Toyota Corolla. I left bite marks there that made someone think we had a dog. We didn’t have a dog. I don’t know why I chewed there. I must’ve been like 8 or 9, so it’s not like I was a teething toddler. Okay, it was last year. But, I still have no idea why I did that. Maybe my dad’s morbid Persian music drove me to it. Anywho, check out Maskull’s (is that a real name? If so, that’s hot.) site for more effed up art. Don’t get me started on the feet! If I don’t write about, it never happened!

Photos: Juxtapoz

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