Cat Couture!

My dreams have finally come true! Feline couture tailor/ fellow crazy cat lady  Takako Iwasa   has written a book called Fashion Cats! Basically, it’s a scrapbook of the hottest pussies (sorry, couldn’t resist) in the fashion world! Takako is Japan’s answer to Karl Lagerfeld. I said and it stands. (What Would Choupette Do? ) This would be my calling if I wasn’t a blogger/Marmar slave. I would be a feline couture tailor. Because, why not? Anywho, between designing “Anne of Green Gables is under cleaning” wig and headscarf and making cats pose the shit out of bunny ears,  Takako has found time to compile the book, Fashion Cats, which is available at Urban Outfitters.  Gonna run and grab a copy for inspiration. All the cats ran under the bed. Again.

photos: Kingdom of Style

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