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Chanel- Spring 2013- Boxy Boxy

First off- I have to say this season wasn’t great for me, but I do LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lego Chanel Clutches above. That’s definitely a masterpiece and something I want to strive to add to my collection. Karl must’ve had a juvenile moment in his office when he came up with that. But on the other hand, that hula hoop bag is beyond ridiculous… I mean, is that something that even fits in the car?? Excuse me, but you can’t sit here because my BAG needs  seat. Anywho, moving on to the clothes, I thought they were really boxy, but the slim, stream-lined legs and waist made up for it. Also, what were those  70’s feathered bell bottoms doing there? You can Ring my Bell alright… probably Karl misunderstood Choupette when she meowed, ‘ring my bell’ as in get me more paté, bitch!

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