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Coco de Mer has arrived in Santa Barbara, CA!


British designer lingerie shop Coco de Mer has opened a fantastic boutique in Santa Barbara. It’s the only US store, so its pretty damn special. I went in to check it out since I love British stuff and beautiful lingerie. I found really cool accessories like a leather bejeweled kitten mask, silky blindfolds and cheeky, little hats topped with a set of red lips and such. Coco de Mer also carries Andrea Kett’s whimsical greeting cards- you may know her work since I have written about her lovely work before. Also in the store were tea set with saucy labels and a set of ‘Sins’ plates. I managed to score a pair of silk pink and grey bra/panty set for half off. Definitely a steal and I shall be back… with my other half!

photos: moi

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  1. Hello Roxanna
    I am the British designer behind the ‘leather bejeweled Kitten mask’ you wrote about.
    Just wanted to say thank you for the lovely Coco de Mer write up.

  2. Beautiful masks! Gonna check out your etsy shop!

  3. I am the designer who designs and makes the saucy tea cups and saucers including the ‘whore’ tea cup made famous by Lady Gaga. Commissions undertaken.

  4. I also make the salt and pepper cock shakers and the bottle stoppers.

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