Comme des Garçon- Fall 2013- Fabric Swatches and Bows Galore!

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My next project is to go to every fabric store within a 15 mile radius and gather as many fabric swatches as I can. Then, I’m gonna take my trusty glue gun and glue them all to a Salvation Army business suit. Then….. wait a minute! Comme des Garçon already did it! Those shifty bitches! Anyway, the real reason I posted about this collection is because of the insane amount of BOWS in that last photo. Yes! BOWS are my favorite as you may already know, so that suit is business in the shoulders, party in the torso and then business in the down below. I like how they break it up. But the real question issssss…. is it a party in the back?? One can only hope.

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