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Cool Stuff from Yoins.com!


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Check out these two awesome pieces from Yoins!

In the first photo, I am wearing their Blue Striped Hooded Skater Dress. This dress is super duper comfortable and extremely versatile… I wore it on a  regular day of running errands and stuff with the kids. The best part is that it’s easily washable, so if I get any baby boogers or toddler vomit on it , it washes off! Yay!

The next photo I have on a pair of badass (aren’t they, though?) Silver Sequined JoggersThese were super comfy, as well, and mega-stylish! I wanted to pair them with a very understated top and sequined trainers from Dior for a laid-back, yet chic look.  My husband said I looked like a disco -ball, which I totally took as a compliment. Disco-balls are so RADDDDD! Any who, the sequins are stitched in, so it didn’t fall off at all.  I had to take a close up of the sequins, because they are just so marvelous.

The best part of all this is that Yoins is super affordable! Both of these items were under $50 together plus shipping! And shipping was pretty fast…. Check out Yoins for more cool stuff for your wardrobe!

Photo: Booboo




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