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Disney Villain Shoes

WitchCraft-Kobi-Levi-designs-for-Disney-1 WitchCraft-Kobi-Levi-designs-for-Disney-2 WitchCraft-Kobi-Levi-designs-for-Disney-3 WitchCraft-Kobi-Levi-designs-for-Disney-4 WitchCraft-Kobi-Levi-designs-for-Disney


Designer Kobi Levi has created shoes based on Disney Villains. Two things:

Where is the hottest villainess of all, Cruella De Vil?

The faces are painted on the inside sole, so when you wear the shoes, people just see some messed up pair shoes that a toddler may or may have cut up here and there. I want the world to see the b*@ches face, ya know?

Anywho, here’s what I’ve written in the past about Kobi’s past work. Really cool stuff, but give me more villains, man!

photos: Like Cool

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