Fam Irvoll- Fall 2011-Cute!

Oslo designer Fam Irvoll is one of my favorites since she specializes in the whimsical and tongue-in- cheek. Her stuff also super colorful and fun. My favorite has to be the fourth dress-you guessed it! Because of the BOWS!!! The freakiest has to be the second photo with the ‘twins’ on each boob. That is a dress that can entertain children for hours. Check out the hand shoes! It’s like a tiny being with huge hands is holding on to your feet! Crazy!! Fam also does children’s wear called ‘Little Cupcakes’, which is normal since her taste is definitely youthful and fun. Check out her site for more cool stuff including a 3D mice sweater, her new jewelry line and cake headbands!

Check out Sandra Jensen‘s amazing photography!

photos: Fam Irvoll, Sandra Jensen

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