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Fondue Slippers

Fondue-Slippers-just-dip-your-feet-in-this-molten_1 Fondue-Slippers-just-dip-your-feet-in-this-molten-1 Fondue-Slippers-just-dip-your-feet-in-this-molten

If you thought Crocs were the devil’s hooves, then Satsuki Ohata’s Fondue Slipper are  Lucifer’s favorite pair of lounging loafers! These are made with melted PVC that mold to your feet for a custom fit.

A) They’re hideous.

B) It will pick up any bunions or corns you may have and it will forever be in 3D for everyone to barf over.

C) Just the name ‘Fondue Slippers’ evokes the gentle waft of cheese and stinky feet. Nast.

D) They’re hideous.

Anywho, this exists and lets praise the lord that Crocs aren’t so bad after all.

photos: Likecool

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