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Givenchy – Fall 2011 Couture- Best Yearbook Photo EVER.


First off, I think all fashion shows should end with a class yearbook photo of the front and behind. It really puts things in perspective and saves us bloggers huge amounts of time reformatting photos and stuff. So YAY for that. Which brings me to my yearbook photo…. That mess was shot in the highest humidity in the middle of summer just so our makeups would cake and make us look waxy FOREVER! I mean, those photos will last through several lifetimes– that is the stuff people dig up when you turn famous to show how bad you looked during that special, awkward time.I have to say one year, I was trying a new makeup technique (you know the less is more thing) and damn it was such a dreary mistake! I looked like I had chicken pox! People were like, didn’t you get vaccinated for that sh*t? I just nodded my head and went along with it. Why fight it? Anyway, by senior year, I had mastered the art of Jedi- mind-tricking my pore’s cries for air. Anywho, back to Givenchy- I feel like I’ve seen the sheer and pantless many times before. I mean it’s pretty, but it looks like his past collections but with  different colors.

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