Holiday Gift ideas…






Here are a fews cool gift ideas for this holiday season!

Check out The Rainy Pot by Korean Designer Seungbin Jeon… the clouds rain water on the plant…. how cute! I bet you could make your own with a strainer or something. I personally would have loved it if it was a dog taking a piss instead of a cloud. Oh well.

For the Dr. Who mega-fan, it’s the  Dr. Who Tardis tea infuser! It’s always 4 o’ clock tea with this handy infuser.

Holy Cozy Mozy! It’s the Star Wars Wampa Rug ! It’s like a big ass Mr. Miggins with big teeth and big claws and weird horns…. okay, it doesn’t really look like Mr. Miggins , but I sure do want to cuddle up to that!

 photos: Likecool

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