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How to make a kid’s Lorax Room

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As a Christmas gift to my 7 year old son, I re-did his room into a Lorax-themed room. The Lorax is my favorite Dr. Seuss book so I was super-duper excited creating this room for my adorable son. I had a budget of $200, so I had to really be careful about where I wanted to spend the most money on. I decided that you can’t have a Lorax room without truffula trees, so the bulk of the money went to the various marabou feathers to make the fuzzy trees. Before, the room was pirate themed, so it was a total 180 in terms of decor. I had to make an ominous pirate-y room into a cheerful room, whimsical room. I was up for the challenge. Click here to see what the room looked like before and my tutorial on how to make a pirate room.  

I painted the truffula tree trunks right on the bed and added Lorax-printed fabric on the bottom loft part of the bed for a bit on cozy-mozyness. I was inspired by this one artist who took toys and glued them to a frame and painted it gold. So I did it on a broke ass budget and took my son’s kinder egg toys and glued it onto a mirror frame and then spray painted it gold. I thought it looked AWESOME! So, with my son’s permission, I took a few cool key objects like Kung Fu Panda and a wolf figurine and spray painted them gold. The result was a more grown up, designer looking toy that would surely make kids fawn over it like treasure, but still let adults think it looks like a piece of art. In other words, it looked bad ass.

I got rid of the Shrek/castle decals and replaced it with one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes. “Today you are youer than you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, who is youer than you.” Means a lot to me since I was always a wee bit different than everyone else growing up. I want to make sure my kids get that message than being unique is cool. I got this decal on ebay along with the Dr. Seuss figures that are re-stickable. And lastly, I added a thneed blanket on top of his bed. Because everyone needs a thneed, right?!

So, I Christmas Day, I will give my son a rock with the word “unless” written on it along with a set of tree branch colored pencils. Because someone needs to speak for the trees.


photos: moi

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