I see London, I see France…

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I love love love these kitty and bear undies from Knickerocker!  All their designs are hand-made and available in their Etsy store. I’m loving the bodysuits, although they could totally pass for a swimsuit, right?! Who said big girl panties can’t be cute? Over the years, I’ve preferred big girl panties to say, a thong. I used to wear thongs all the time until I realized that I was cranky because I had something rubbing my asshole the wrong way. Don’t ask how I pinpointed that one. So I switched to the large big girl panties and I’m less aggravated. Kinda like one of those cats that go into frenzy mode and can’t understand why.  Anywho,I’d take one of everything, puh-leaze.

photos: Kingdom of Style

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