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Is it Art or Craft?

What separates art from craft?  Ridsdel decided to figure out if something belongs on Etsy or in an art museum by peeling away the cover of various porcelain sets that granny might own. The surgical reveal shows a more intricate design of flowers… something more precious, in some circles. Check out Ridsdel’s site for more work with porcelain and an e-shop. Going back to what the difference between art and craft is….  art is the result of an emotional process… craft is when you use a tool to create something, not necessarily using emotion. Sooooooo, does that mean that when Mr. Miggins marks his territory in the hallway, it’s art?? He used his ‘aggressive’ emotions to create the pee splash on the wall… so, YES… It’s art! Thanks for helping to decipher that! Keep on Peeing, Miggs!

photos: Juxtapose

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