It’s Halloween, Bitch!


It’s HALLOWEEN!!!!! My most favorite time of the year! My 8 yr old is going as Jack Skellington and the baby will be a Gnome. I also have an Ewok costume for the baby and a Jawa costume for the the 8yr old…. We like to wear different costumes during Halloween week. Here are my looks this year: The Red Queen and a Roy Lichtenstein girl

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Anywho, I wrote this spooky iTunes Interactive App Book called Macabre Fairy TalesIt is illustrated by the talented Kaori Watanabe. This is really a passion project of mine that I completed last year… but really, this stuff is timeless. Hope you can check it out.

migshalloween mimihalloween minky halloween spooky migs

photos: Kaori Watanabe, moi, and Tara Broucqsalt

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