Kitschy Kitschy Koo!

Usually, I read Martha Stewart’s Living and look at the crap I wish I could make if only I had an army of minions that respond to cackles and orders, an endless amount of time, a kitchen the size of warehouse, and a dedicated crafting room. But, I stumbled upon a new kind of ‘Living’… a living that is more in tune with my strange tastes and habits…. it’s  Kitschy Living ! So glad to have found this gem because where else can you see zombie gnomes, diamond ring measuring spoons, eye- gauging pencil sharpener and my personal favorite, a Martin ‘Loofah’ King. It’s a good thing!

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Roxanna Bina blogs about, Fashion, Design and Vinyl Toys with a twist of whimsy and fun and also with an acid tongue!

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