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Kombucha Couture

Designer Sacha Laurin takes fermented milk, green tea and SCOBY (Symbiotic Colonies of Bacterial and Yeast) to create original dresses for her fashion line, Kombucha Couture. She uses different techniques to create different textures such as, leather, canvas or silk from the bacterial concoction. This totally sounds like something out of that effed up cannibal movie with Khal Drogo, The Bad Batch. Anywho, I actually drink Kombucha about every 2 weeks because I’m a health nut and am paranoid if I don’t drink it that I’ll get a bad case of yeast infections that will lead to having my vagina fall off… soooooo, yeah I drink kombucha regularly. So this is interesting to me! A whole outfit made of kombucha! Maybe Sacha can make kombucha g-strings for those baking bread down there…. or not…. But the fantastic part is that once you’re done with the outfit, you can boil it down for a nice brewed kombucha tea….. hahahaha.

photos: Makezine

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