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Mark Ryden – Dodecahedron

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On my last trip to NYC, I visited the Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea to view the incomparable work of artist Mark Ryden. Ryder is one of my favorite artists, so when I discovered he had a new collection, I had to see it up close and personal! Two pieces caught my eye:

1- The 8 foot tall painting of a girl standing in the middle of an ocean (with incredible detail!)

2- The limited edition porcelain figurine of a Victorian girl with her bowels exposed.

Fun fact! Only 10 of the porcelain figures were produced and each sells for $10,000 ! And the 8 ft painting was so tall that Mark Ryden had a special platform built just to paint it!

Any who, if you are in the area of the gallery, I urge you to pop in there in check these out! It runs until January 23, 2016. Brilliant work!

photos: moi

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