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Mermaid Tights

mermaid-tights-dragon-daniel-struzyna-3 mermaid-tights-dragon-daniel-struzyna-4 mermaid-tights-dragon-daniel-struzyna-5 mermaid-tights-dragon-daniel-struzyna-6 mermaid-tights-dragon-daniel-struzyna-7 mermaid-tights-dragon-daniel-struzyna-8

How RAD are these??!! They are tights with mermaid fins made with silicone courtesy of TinkerCast from Germany. They come in a variety of gorgeous colors and even dragon scales for your inner Khalesi! Speaking of mermaids, that movie with Daryl Hannah in it , “Splash“, totally needs to be remade…. with cats! Mr. Miggins can play Tom Hanks’s character and Mrs. Minky can play Daryl Hannah’s character. They can swim in a pile of snackumms and pretend it’s water. It’ll be great! A blockbuster!

photos: Bored Panda

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