Mohawk Mania

I love love love mohawks. I remember when I was little I used to admire the punk look and vowed to have a mohawk one day. I also wondered why more people didn’t have pink hair and mohawks. I still wonder why. I mean, it’s passed being non-conformist. It’s really  a look that should be done more often, but I understand it’s a pain in the ass to upkeep. I heard everything from loads of aqua net to egg whites are required to keep the mohawk standing up straight. Anywho,  Straight LacedSF has made it much easier and offers these clip on mohawks in feathers, dried flowers and lace. Really beautiful, if you ask me. And of course, this lady wore it best. 

photos: Straight LacedSF


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  1. Yes, I wanted a mohawk as soon as I saw Bow wow wow. Needless to say, Mom forbade it. And needless to say, I had a friend shave the sides of my head 3 days later. The only problem seemed to be that my pale white Irish skin and straggly hair didn’t make me look like the Indonesian bronzed beauty with the thick Asian hair! But I kept the ‘hawk for nearly two years. And to keep it up, I used the aqua net. It was the only thing that worked (well, sort of) in bad humidity. But wind was my natural enemy!!!

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