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Moschino- Fall 2014- I’m Lovin’ It!

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It was Jeremy Scott’s debut as head designer of Moschino and all I have to say YES! YES! YES!!!! FINALLY, a match made in heaven…. Moschino was definitely waning this past decade, until Jeremy gave a nice AED shock to its heart with this collection. Moschino is BACK! Back from the dead! Anywho, I’m glad those old school belts with the Moschino written in gold are back. I have a few vintage items (handbag, belt) from the early ’90s with the same gold lettering… And the Chanel homage was particularly hip… so glad those Gaucho hats and fringe are put away for now… that was never the look. Jeremy Scott for Moschino- Yeah, B*tch!!

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