Olympia Le Tan Handbags

I love love love Olympia Le Tan‘s latest collection of handbags. I’m a big fan of whimsical designs especially in handbags and shoes. I think my fave out of the bunch are the ‘caviar’ bags. I don’t like caviar because my taste in food is very midwestern farmer, but I do like the baby blue leather. Honestly, I think it’s wicked nast when it comes to eating fish eggs. Like who thought of that?? Did someone wake up and say, ‘I’m gonna go hunt for some fish eggs because they’re just so delicious.’ ? Really, I’m happy with a nice juicy rib-eye steak, mashed potatoes and corn. Anywho, check out her site for more cool handbags that are sure to be ice-breakers.

photos: Olympia Le Tan

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