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Parsons- Spring 2016- We’ll hang this on the fridge for ya!

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Here are my favorite looks from those kooky Parsons students! I love love love the collection with random household items turned into wearable clothing. And by wearable, I mean, wearing them without being forcefully admitted into a mental asylum. I do have to say I would wear the Fedex coat, mostly because it’s made from Tyvek and I already have an outfit made from Tyvek and it’s super duper comfy. I could be shipped anywhere in the world when I wear that outfit! And I wouldn’t have to check any luggage. Any who, remind me to carry a roll of toilet paper like a handbag anytime I travel through Bulgaria. (When I was little, my family and I traveled through Bulgaria and everytime we stopped to use the bathroom, they would charge us for toilet paper… by the square! They didn’t have a square to spare!)

photos: Vogue

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