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Pearls Galore!

Australian design house Romance was Born is no stranger to avant-guarde styles as seen in their latest collection above. Explore their site, especially their collection named ‘Garden of Eden’ Spring 2007 for more unique pieces. My fave has to be the pearl outfit. It’s like that Prince song, ‘Diamond and Pearls’, which I used to lip sync to whenever it came on the radio. Imagine a fat black woman’s voice coming out an awkward, petite, white chick. Kinda funny. Like those Citibank identity theft commercials. Anywho, Romance was Born gives new meaning to the Pearl Necklace – HAHAHAHAH! (That was wrong, No!) (yes!)

photos: Style Bubble

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  1. Hi there, I am a textile student and absolutely love your blog !

  2. I tend to use vintage pearls in some of my textile pieces when possible so fell in love with the pearl number !

  3. Thanks , Karen! Share with your friends! 🙂

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