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Random Cool Stuff, Part 273,748




I find so many cool stuff online that I have to share it with you in my blog. But, really, it’s like a Christmas wishlist, so feel free to donate, bitches! Kidding. Anywho, here it goes…

Charging Station from etsy seller inbook Those books have a second wind as charging stations. Now the books are bought for their beauty, not brains. It’s all this baby’s fault! 


– Robot tea infuser- This robot works hard for his money. His arms grip to your teacup while he wades and stains your pool of hot water. What? I’m just telling it how it is, baby!

Tetris Sticky notesMy OCD would kick in when I wouldn’t be able to form a perfect square, so maybe this shouldn’t be on my wishlist for the sake on my sanity. Very cool, idea though.

Dembones on EtsySweet poison for your warm beverage of choice. I would dye them pink for a really dramatic look… Pink sugar skulls!

Cat DJ Scratching Deck I can already see Mr. Marmar tearing it up as if he was spinning this kitty hit (warning: if you click <— , it will invade your brain  all friggin’ day)

photos: Like Cool , fred flare

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