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Rikke Bond- 2012 Men’s Graduate Collection- Furry ManRobes

London College of Fashion graduate Rikke Bonde  designed a collection that has me sort of wondering if he’s ever been to California. According to Fashion 156,  ” The collection was highly influenced by a journey Rikki made to California.”   Really? Because last I remember, usually you sweat your balls off, even in the winter. I have piles of knitwear that I can really never wear because it’s too damn hot. I mean, maybe at night during the winter, but that’s pushing it. I have many a pimp n’ ho coats (vintage fur coats for those who are not fluent in ‘pimpenese’)  that haven’t been worn since I moved here and it’s a bummer. Anywho, I do love the robe look.

photos: Fashion 156

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