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Roll it up!

Mmmm, pita bread. Mohar Design thought why not make a delicious pita sandwich out of school supplies and makeup brushes? Really, this is all kinds of cool, but I probably wouldn’t want to whip out a pita sandwich out of my backpack in class. It all stems from when I was in grade school and my dad  would make me peanut butter pita sandwiches for lunch. OH MY GAWD! It was so nast because he would toast it till it was dry and then slather on dry peanut butter over it. It was like cardboard. Nevertheless, it was scarring. I starved at school because I would gag when I would even take a damn tiny nibble out the sammich. Anywho, my dad’s culinary skills weren’t much to talk about. He used Pine-Sol once to make eggs. Dude thought it was oil. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! (not really).

photos: LikeCool

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