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The Causes and Cures- Eye Wrinkles

The Causes and Cures- Eye Wrinkles

Do you think that you will not get the crows feet just because you are in your 30s? Do you believe that only 50+ people/ senior citizens must worry about wrinkles? If yes, then you are gravely mistaken. Even though age is a major factor that causes eye wrinkles, it is not the only one. Large numbers of youth today are suffering from eye wrinkle troubles and look for various options to treat the problem.

Even though it is true that biologically wrinkles are inevitable with age, the technology and medical advancements have given us a way to maintain and enjoy the youthful looks for a while longer. Dermatologists and skin specialists all around the globe have worked hard to discover the causes of eye wrinkles and subsequently come out with solutions for the same. As per studies there are various lifestyle characteristics that lead to crow’s feet and other forms of eye wrinkles.


Age: Yes, age is one of the most important and a major factor influencing the extent of eye wrinkles that individual gets. The weakening and aging of skin leads to side effects or apparent effects like wrinkles and fine lines. But age is not the only potential cause.

Sun Exposure: Though the most widely known form of skin damage caused due to the sun rays is tanning and spots, wrinkles are also caused by exposure to the sun.

Smoking: Included in the long list of ill-effects of smoking are eye wrinkles and many other types of skin deterioration.

Squinting and/ or Excessive Smiling: Smiling and laughing is good for health, but as we all know that excess of everything is bad and smiling is no exception to this. Excessive smiling has been noted to result in eye wrinkles. Also squinting too much can lead to damage of the skins around the eye and ultimately lead to wrinkles.

Acne: People with acne troubles are also prone to getting eye wrinkles even though they do not smoke or even if they are still in their youth.

One-sided Sleeping/ Smiling: Smiling too much on one side of the face or sleeping on one side may lead to eye wrinkles on that particular side.

Cures/ Treatment:

There are many methods of treating Eye Wrinkles. Quite a few over the counter ointments, creams or moisturizers are available to treat under eye wrinkles. These must be applied as per the direction given on them. The naturalists promote use of substances like grape-seed oil, mixtures of vitamin E, coconut oil, cucumbers, avocados etc.

One such product that is found to be effective in treating the eye wrinkles is- WUNDERLIFT. The product makes use of a new technology and aims at reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles. The “micro- fillers” in the solution fill in the gaps/ lines in the skin, making it look fuller, tighter and smoother. The effects of WUNDERLIFT are stated to last for many hours at a stretch. Many other solutions and medically tested creams can also be used on the consultation with a dermatologist.


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