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Stunning Corsets by Bibian Blue

What gorgeous corsets! I have a corset collection of about 75 corsets and these just make me DROOL! Bibian Blue is based out of Barcelona and specialize in haute couture corsets with steel-boning. These are not those cheap, cheezy corsets you find in Frederick’s of Hollywood with plastic boning. These actually hold your sh*t in tight, so pass on that cheesecake ’cause you’ll be smooshed and gasping for air…..just the way I like it! Oxygen is so overrated.

Anywho, they have a collection of Steampunk corsets, bridal corsets, vintage-style corsets and burlesque corsets. So so elegant, these corsets are all a work of art! My fave is the second corset that is a peachy-beige and looks like one of those old-timey medical corsets. I have a couple vintage medical corsets I acquired in France a few years ago, but rarely get the chance to wear them.  I don’t want to freak out the elderly. Be sure to check out their site including the Emily Strange corset!

photos: Bibian Blue

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