Subway version of Versailles

Check out his project by Encore Eux on the RER train in Paris. How wonderful is that? They recreated the inside of Versailles with high-tech plastic stickers in these subway trains. It’s like your sitting in the Hall of Mirrors or the study at the famed mansion. This is called riding in style and I wonder why the subways in NYC don’t do this. I mean, who cares if the odor of 3-day old urine is wafting through the car, you’re sitting in Versailles, bitch! So what if your shoes keeping sticking to the floor as you walk through the salon, you’re walking through Versailles, bitch! So what if the dude next to you is smearing his underarm pits on the chair handle, that sweat is lounging elegantly in Versailles, bitch! Anywho, I could ride on this all day long.

photos: Trendland

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