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Emmanuel Itier and Roxanna Bina with ‘TAPE FACE’

I have never watched the show “America’s Got Talent”, but I have obviously heard about the mysterious man calling himself ‘Tape Face and his mime-like show with his mouth covered by a large, black tape. Since March 16, Tape Face is selling out his bad-ass show at the legendary Harrah’s Las Vegas  and has received countless and well-deserved acclaim.

When ‘The Doors’ used to sing “People are Strange”, they were embracing the original weird in us. And this is exactly what Tape Faceis calling for with this unusual rock and roll show where the audience is many times invited to participate in a culmination of a battle of red balloons with the iconic song of Nena ‘99 Luftballons’ and much more. For sure there are more than ninety-nine moments of laughs and madness “floating in the summer sky” of the Vegas strip every time Tape Face hits the stage. Sam Wills, who is the man behind Tape Face, is a long way from his homeland of New Zealand and since the age of thirteen he has moved forward with his art, bringing it to perfection. It was the 11thseason of  “America’s Got Talent” who has made him such a cult performer with American families… after all it’s not given to everyone to go to the finals! No wonder that people from all over the country, night after night, embrace Tape Face’s wicked sense of humor and many silly stunts!  For example, a duel with balloons in between your arms and legs that you will need to pop with a staple gun! What is amazing is how loud and how much Tape Facesays without pronouncing a single word, especially when compared to a famous clown politician who is constantly tweeting without saying anything worth listening to! Maybe Trump should take a lesson or two of communication with Tape Faceto become a better President! Many compare Tape Faceto the legendary Buster Keaton, but in this case one should add the edge and fun insanity of Michael Keaton unleashed as BeetleJuice! It’s probably this genuine and kind madness that we all adore as this is so liberating and help us come out of our mind jail to express ourselves. Thanks to Tape Face, we become who we truly are with an evening full of explosive, loving humor.

Finally, Tape Faceis the perfect date show as I found out since this was my only night out on the strip with my delightful wife away from the kids. Beyond the drinks, what brings lovers together is a solid dose of playtime and laughs! It’s the need to erase, for a few hours, the grey clouds of our daily existence in the “real world”. We can jointly jump into the rabbit hole of silliness and become, again, joyful, innocent happy kids. Thank you Tape Facefor giving me back my youth, especially because when I was 18, Nena used to rock MTV with her memorable little red balloon’s ode to life with a smile. That night I learned to speak less and open my heart wide to my wife and the Universe. Keep on face taping, Mr. Sam Wills, the audience is sky-diving in an ocean of laughs with you and is truly transformed into a better humanity full of Peace and Love.

Guest Writer: Emmanuel Itier

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