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The Rise of Sneakers

The rise of sneakers


The seriously trending footwear of the moment has calmly snuck up and given all other shoes a run for their money. That’s right, sneakers have seized the imagination of designers, and stars and celebrities have bought into those dazzling designs to bring the sneaker right into the limelight.


Sneakers are popular because not only do they make a fashion statement, and can be teamed with anything provided the fashion sense is right, but they are also stylish and comfortable to wear. Once considered as only right for the gym or for jogging or running, sneakers are right up there with the famous names of the entertainment business. And it’s not just the showbiz world that is showing off their designer sneakers, the top sports stars also walk the walk as they slip into the latest gear.


First for comfort


It’s pretty much a no-brainer to realize that sneakers are one of the most comfortable types of shoes to wear, especially for women. The fashion and entertainment worlds have long been known for pushing absurdly high heels that are considerably less than easy to wear, especially if there is a lot of walking or standing around to be done.


When the stars are seen wearing something then it’s obvious that they are going to trend given the speed with which social media picks up the news, so the rise in popularity of designer sneakers comes on the back of awards ceremonies, gigs and just day-to-day celeb spotting out and about.


Starry sneakers


When the top names in showbiz are seen wearing sneakers then the world joins in and gives the whole industry a major boost. The choice is huge as designers push back the boundaries of quality and comfort to produce sneakers to suit men, women and kids. There’s nothing quite like being able to wear the same style and design as a favorite musician, sportsman or actor so it’s not surprising that sneakers are proving such a popular item.


Great labels such as Rycore Brand casual sneakers, Adidas, New Balance and Nike are just a part of the designer mix when it comes to great sneakers. Design can often be minimal and understated as well as more brash and vibrant.


Take Rihanna who has been spotted many times in New Balance sneakers, as has Pharrell Williams, and it’s obvious that this is a trend that is going to be around for a long time. The amazing Rita Ora has been striding out in Adidas, and Justin Timberlake wore plain white sneakers to the MTV Music Video Awards, teaming them with a black suit that displayed the epitome of cool.


And that’s the thing about sneakers. They can be teamed with anything just as long as they work with the look. That’s what Robert Downey Jr. pulled off at the 2010 Oscars, raising a few fashion eyebrows perhaps but making a stylish statement.


When matching design, cool style and comfort it looks like sneakers have the celebrity endorsements to keep on trending.

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