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Todd Oldham Exhibit at RISD

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Todd Oldham was and remains to be one of my favorite designers of all time. In the mid to late 90s, I used to take many shopping jaunts to his Soho boutique (right next to Anna Sui on Wooster) in NYC. Over the years, I had collected dozens of Todd Oldham trinkets, suits, dresses and shoes (and PERFUME!)  Mr. Oldham has a very colorful past that has translated into beautifully, cheerful garments over the years. You can read more about him here. What I loved about Mr. Oldham, is that his savvy thrift store taste revolutionized runway fashion at the time. He co-hosted ‘MTV’s House of Style‘ with Cindy Crawford, which I watched religiously taking away bits of ideas for me to replicate as a teenager on a budget. So, it was much to my delight that my hometown’s art school Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) was hosting a grand installation of Mr. Oldham’s inspiring work of the decades. A few friends took these photos for me to share with you. So many familiar dresses and hair clips! I instantly recognized one that is still hanging in my closet – the lime green jean skirt suit with red rose prints. Also, so many that I foolishly sold to the local resale shop when I moved to the west coast. I may take a trip back to RI this summer, just to see this exhibit (and some old friends, too) and relive the late 90s.  The exhibit runs until September 11, 2016 at RISD.

photos: Paul Meunier, Becky Wetmore, Sara Shafaei-Moqqadam -Thanks, guys!!

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