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Ummmm……There’s a Cat attacking your head…….

kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-1 kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-2 kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-3 kitten-cat-hairband-accessory-campanella-4

I’m all about putting a cat on your head, but there’s something not right about this particular kitty. Japanese designer Campanella had the right idea, but lost it somewhere between the crazed-cat eyes and the stiff thin body. Seriously, they should’ve fattened up the cat a bit…. maybe have in a different position? I mean, he kinda looks like he’s in attack mode? They should’ve used Mr. Miggins as the cat model. He’s plump, he’s got the perfect ‘zero f*cks given’ face and  he’s fur to fat ratio is perfect. Miggins should be on EVERYONE’S head. He’s that purrrrrfect.

Mr. Miggins says ‘oh, haaaiiiiiii’.


Having said that,  I’d still wear that headband.

photos: Bored Panda

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