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Unusual bird shoes by Kobi Levi

Check out the latest from shoe designer Kobi Levi! I wrote about him a while back and kept my eye on him because you can always depend on him for the most effed up shoes. So, this time around Kobi was inspired by birds of the wild. Check out the duck, toucan and swam shoe. Is it me or does the black bump on the heel of the swan shoe look like a dangling, lone ball sac? Never mind, it’s probably just me. Anywho, his other shoes are Olive Oyle (Popeye’s main ho) and a slide for mice and other petite creatures of the night. Which brings me to this story….. (gather round the campfire, chillins.)

This one time (at band camp… no) I had some not-so-cute mice living with me in my house. I had a shoe closet next to my bed that I could hear scuffling around the times of the midnight hour and beyond. I knew they were mice, so I decided to put mice killing pellets in that said shoe closet. Behold! No sound came from the closet- but it only last a day or two. The scuffling returned. So I gave up because mice don’t eat much anyway and Mr. Marmar and company needed entertainment. A few weeks later, I went to wear my suede boots when I felt a crunch at the bottom of the shoe. I imagined the worst. I dumped out the inside of the shoe when a handful of mice killing pellets came flying out! I was relieved it wasn’t a dead mouse, but quickly realized that these sly, conspiring hos had been hiding the pellets in my boot thinking A) it’s food and they’re stashing it away for later or B) they were playing tricks on Roxanna Bina! (I believe it was B, by the way). No one fools Roxanna Bina at her own game! That’s when I nicknamed myself ‘Moosh’, which means mouse in Farsi.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that mice can play tricks too, so naturally, they would totally enjoy the shoe slide! Or that I need to put my kitties in Kitty Boot Camp!

photos: Kobi Levi

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  1. Please, let me know how to purchase a pair of kobi levi shoe!

  2. Please, let me know how to purchase a pair of kobi levi shoe!

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