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Unusual Furniture

Check out these wacky pieces of furniture I found while scrolling the internet.  The cabinet in the first photo is pretty cool and is comparable to this pin art. That thing provided so much entertainment for my 7 year old self. Anyway, you can put anything into the cabinet and it will shape around the object. The only annoying thing I see is that the cabinet has to like a foot away from the wall and the edges of the wood should be a cool neon color like hot pink for a real edgy look. The second photo is another sort of cabinet that is super easy to make as long as you have a super strong moving strap. Being a neat freak, that cabinet would give me anxiety. The last photo is a log with seat backs drilled into to make an oaty-crunchy type bench. The description of the log bench was “log not included”. HAHAHAAHA! Art can be some damn fupe. 

photos: LikeCool, Droog

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