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Up-cycled Baroque Costumes by Gwen van den Eijnde

French artist Gwen van den Eijnde  took a bunch of crap like vintage fabrics, paper cut-outs, wooden piano keys, Christmas garlands, toothpicks, table sets, and plastic bags to create these theatrical costumes. He should totally be on Project Runway and show those twats how it’s really done. If you go on his site, you will see his talents take him far to Baby Hats! They’re actually wicked cute. Be sure to check out his website for more innovative designs and also Dezeen for more photos from this collection.

Happy New Year!!  Looking forward to cuddling with my kitty harem while heckling the Dick Clark special in my living room. Whoo hoo! Let the Earl Grey tea and biscuits flow…..

photos: James St. James

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