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Vivienne Westwood- Fall 2018- Britannia

This was Vivienne Westwood’s latest collection and boy, that shoot looked like fun….it was like a British version of Orange is The New Black, minus the orange jumpsuits and other prison paraphernalia…. ok, it looks nothing like Orange is the New Black, except for the bare metal bunk beds. Anywho, Anglo prints and imagery were alive and well in the collection… one of the most defining aspects of any Vivienne Westwood collection. Needless to say, Miss Westwood can tailor a mean suit any time of day. I have a few suits and corsets from her collected over the past   two decades and the tailoring is impeccable- sleek, yet classic… feminine, yet fashion forward. Long Live The Queen that is Miss Vivienne Westwood!

photos: Vogue

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