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Your Engagement’s Coming… What About The Ring?!

Your Engagement’s Coming… What About The Ring?!


The moment of your engagement is certainly one of the most exciting in your life; where will it take place, how will he do it? There are more than a million questions and thoughts racing through your mind, however the most important is surely, “what will my engagement ring look like?”


You simply never know until you’re in the moment, raw and in the clear. However, given at what an epic moment this is, one can’t help but ponder what shiny ring is going to present itself to you. All the fine details, the stones, the band… so many small counterparts to consider!


If you could, you would probably be like most and try your hardest to predict exactly what this important piece of jewellery looks like. And perhaps you can! How? Well, we say, just take a guess based on your man’s personality… there are many clues to be told!


Hopeless Romantic?


He likes the idea of tradition; the white picket fence, entering into a fabulous garden with the classic family dog, and the three kids to boot. This could very likely be what your man is waiting for in his future with you. He wants the romance and the happy ending (and hopefully, so do you!).


If this sounds like your guy, this is an easy one… expect the “a la classic”, the traditional diamond ring with the gold band. Is there anything more romantic?!


Art-sy Creative?


Looking “outside of the lines” is one way you could describe your soulmate; he likes things that are different, which take on a new approach, far from traditional. I guess you could say, he is the opposite of the Hopeless Romantic.


Given your mate’s craving for artistic pieces and things that don’t follow the beaten trail, you could expect exactly the same for your engagement ring. Steering away from the traditional diamond, perhaps he goes for a mixed gemstone ring with an engraved band, truly expressing his creative personality.




Flash! Bling! Your guy is all about it. Everything he owns is likely ranked “the best”, whether that be his technology, clothes, car… he wants the best of everything and it has to SHINE. Chances are, you may be similar, so wouldn’t a flashy, statement-worthy engagement ring be in the cards? Likely!


Your man is definitely going to go all out, because that’s just the way he rolls! You can expect something big, maybe even a bespoke ring, with accompanying diamonds and gemstones to go with it. After all, he just can’t do without the flash!




From his organization in his home, his car, his work… everything is perfect, in place and in order. Your mutual plans together always follow a regimen of events, planned with the utmost precision. Your guy is a perfectionist, and you can surely bet one of his biggest decisions (you), will be perfect as well.


Given the desire, or more so the need, for things to be flawless is just in his nature, so what could that mean when making such a big decision? A fair guess, would be to say he may choose to do as many now do, and choose the ring together, with you. Is there a better way to ensure sublimity?


While there are many more options and guesses (endless!), at the end of the day, you just won’t know until the moment so pleasantly hits you. It’s a moment to be cherished, and for many more reasons than only your jewellery. Either way, the perfect person is your prize, at the end of the day, that’s your ultimate happy ending!






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