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I’m paying a lot of attention to food lately because I’m preggers with my third child. So, all I do is eat, vomit and sleep while taking care of the other two kids and four cats. It’s pretty intense. Anywho, Miss Coco has caught on to my baby bump and comes on a regular basis to ‘knead’ my belly. She’s 16 years old, so she’s feeling grandmotherly, I think. The other cats could give a crap. Check out these beautiful, yet yummy foods I saw onPretty Foods. My fave has to be the ‘Breaking Bad’ crystal blue meth cake.  I do have to add that the food below totally looks like a line of yeasty vajayjays.


Doesn’t it?! I wouldn’t eat that…. okay, maybe I would. For those of you would have never been preggers, just picture yourself sea sick on a boat wearing elastic waisted pants all the time, craving foods that you’d never eat before. I had a pickle sandwich the other day. Anywho, enjoy!

photos: Pretty Foods

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