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Sweet Weapons of Mass Destruction

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Artist Scott Hove  unveiled his newest work called “Guns & Ecstasy” in San Francisco’s Spoke Art last month.  You can read more about his past works here and hereHe’s the dude that makes artwork out of cake. This time around he made a labyrinth installation with machine guns.  These types of installations are dangerous for me because I would end of nibbling here and there on everything. A cherry there, a dollop of frosting there, a bite here. It all adds up to the point where I would have ruined the whole exhibit. And forget about the labyrinth! I’d get lost and start nom- noming on everything around me. Whatever you do, don’t let Aretha Franklin in there… you’ll find her hours later, booby deep in icing, walls torn down all -Godzilla syle. Check out Scott’s site for more photos.

photos: Hi-Fructose

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